A Long time ago in Mexico
a fisherman rode his boat real low
On the dock a friendly banker said
your fishin's good, make some money instead

The fisherman asked how do you mean
the banker said you're the best I've seen
you can do more than stay a-float
Why don't you buy a bigger boat

The fisherman said I don't have time
my amigos wait with guitar and wine
my wife's awaiting it's time I ate
my kid's need to play and I sleep till late
my time is my own and I love to roam
I'm going home....

Please Mr. Fisherman, why don't you stay ?
Listen to the power of my MBA
A bigger boat, many boats, a company
You'll be rich if you listen to me.

Mr. Banker how long will this take ?
And can you tell me clearly, what's at stake ?
The banker said - you don't need a dime...
All I want is some of your time

The fisherman said I don't have time....

The Banker said - Mr. Millionaire
You'll be rich, without a care
The fisherman laughed - and laughed till he cried
I've never had a care in all my life
The Banker said I don't have time
I really need your skill for caviar and wine
My wife's awaiting her new diamond ring
My kids are used to expensive things
Please Mr. Fisherman get my state..
I cannot wait.

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