About Us

Contraband is an Indian band based out of New Delhi that creates music best described as white collar rock. Their songs speak to the white collar career professional (a breed that is the same whether in Mumbai or New York) about how work life can be raised beyond the desperate quest for the next premium car, or that EMI repayment - to actually living a holistic life with happiness as the end goal.

The musicians in Contraband are themselves senior professionals covering fields like Marketing, Technology, Finance and Entertainment and their music straddles growing up and work life issues like alienation, work-life balance, the criticality of purpose and the importance of maintaining a true north in life. In the band's music - true north is seen to lie in human self-expression, the desire and ability in career professionals to invest time and effort in areas where their true passion and talent lie, whether it be music, photography, film, literature or any form of the performing arts.

Contraband's earnest desire is to create a conversation around this subject so that working professionals across the world can come together in a discussion with like-minded people that helps them find their true form of self-expression - where individuals invest in original creation.

Contraband has already triggered this conversation at a global level through the launch of their first single , "The Fisherman and the Banker". This song is based on a (digital?) parable covering the meeting between an investment banker and a Mexican fisherman - where the banker tempts the fisherman with wealth creation from his fishing talent, only to discover that all the fisherman desires is already with him. The parable is already mentioned and commented upon in over 1000 blogs and online posts (a Google search on "the fisherman and the investment banker" throws up 1.6 million results).

Contraband believes that this conversation is valid and relevant for a global mainstream audience and understands that this is a strong strategy for the world-wide launch of its music on the global mainstream.

Musically the Contraband line up has some of India's top musicians - including Chintan Kalra (Bass), Dilip Ramachandran (Drums), Raja (Guitars), Krishnan (Vocals/Guitar), Avik (Keys)along with the amazing Nitin George(Vocals/Guitar)and the ever energetic KK (Percussions).